League of Mexican American Women Scholarship Fund

2018 Applications for the League of Mexican American Women Scholarships are now being accepted! Submissions must be postmarked no later then April 18, 2018.

Click here to apply: Scholarship Application

Submission deadline has been extended to Friday April 27th!!

LMAW Scholarship Grant Request

The League of Mexican American Women are requesting a grant in the amount of $1000.00 so that we can offer additional scholarships. Over the pat 40+ years, the League has awarded over $470, 000 in scholarships. Most recently , we awarded $9,975 in 2013, $10,000.oo in 2014 and this year we are awarding $12,500.00.

Our scholarship applications are submitted to hich schools throughout Fresno county and applications are open to women, men, and those that are older and entering college of the first time. This grant will allow us to provide additional scholarships since the number of applicants far exceeds what we are able to award.

The average profile of applicants from recent data is as follows:

70% fall below the federal government poverty line.

95% of applicants are female.

90% of applicants are from rural high schools.

20% are undocumented of DACA students.

These League scholarships are unique in that we recognize undocumented applicants, as many foundations do not. While the application scores are a factor, final award amounts are determined by college acceptance such as Junior College vs. University.

Many of our past scholarship recipients have achieved high levels of recognition and are well-known throughout the City, County, and State…such as Dr. Katherine Flores and the Honorable Judge Jane Cardoza.

Past support from CCWC has allowed us to enhance our scholarship program. This grant opportunity will help us to reach one of two more future scholars that can continue or return to contribute to our community.


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