Enhancing our community through Education, Culture, and Leadership.

It’s that time of the year – Nominations for Officers are due by December 11 !

 Term of office: Term of all offices shall be for one (1) year. Members shall not serve more than two (2) consecutive terms in the same office.

Qualifications of Officers: Candidates for a) President, President‐Elect, Vice‐President of Membership, and Treasurer shall be regular members in good standing for at least one (1) year prior to their nomination, b) Secretary and Member‐At‐Large shall be a member in good standing prior to their nomination.

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Email Toni Woods: lmawfresno@gmail.com for submission information.


The League of Mexican American Women is a community based organization that was established in 1973 by women who were previously involved in Fresno community’s social programs and politics. It was their intent to provide programs of awareness of all issues and to develop leadership programs that might address those issues. However they always kept in mind and did not want to abandon their Mexican culture, which provides a sense of pride and self-esteem for our community and for the next generation of Latinos.

This organization is composed of Latinas from all walks of life and ages that work in all areas of the public and private sector, college students and “stay at home moms.” They all work together as volunteers to make this organization successful. For over 40 years, Leagues projects have always focused on the promotion of the Mexican American culture through awareness, educational programs, social and cultural activities, and volunteerism.

Over these 40 plus years, the League has had many members who have benefited from these programs and have gone on to careers in the professional, political and educational, and business world in Fresno and beyond. The women in League have been excellent role models for many young women in our community. The League is a unique organization because of the number of years that is has existed, and because of the caliber of women who have been involved with the organization. And finally is is unique because throughout the years, and changes in membership, the League has never lost the energy and focus of their original goal of bringing awareness of issues in our community and seeking out solutions. The League of Mexican American Women has made a tremendous impact on the communities with in Fresno County.

The League of Mexican American Women supports opportunities that will promote education, cultural identity, and leadership development.